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Helping Your Child Succeed in High School

Will your oldest child be starting high school in the near future? Your kid may be excited about embarking on this important journey in his or her life. As a parent, you might wish to do everything in your power to help your son or daughter succeed during the next four years. To help you accomplish this task, consider hiring a tutor to help your child with difficult subjects. You might also wish to invest in a new computer and printer for your kid to use while competing homework assignments. Setting up monthly or quarterly meetings with your child’s teachers is also a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help your child make the most of his or her educational experience. Enjoy!

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3 Tips To Keep Your First Classroom Running Smoothly

Becoming a teacher is often a lifelong goal, and it can feel great when you finally achieve your dream. But while your education degree likely came with a lot of research and book work, the amount of in-classroom practice you received was probably limited to things like temporary internships or a week-long shadow of an established teacher. 

Creating your own classroom manner will take some time to get down. If you're looking for a little assistance in this area, taking a classroom management training session can help. In the meantime, here are three ways in which you can get your first classroom on the right track.

1. Be Firm The First Time and Every Time

The first few days of school are so critical for all teachers, but especially for brand new ones. You've likely been taught to use positive reinforcement with your students, and that's great, but you should also know when to put your foot down. It is very important that you call out bad behavior the first time you see it. If you start letting things slide, your students might start pushing the envelope to see what else they can get away with.

2. Give Praise to Troublemakers When Possible 

Despite your best efforts, you are likely to run into students who just want to cause problems. Over time, teachers can really feel their nerves getting frayed when it comes to certain individuals. But you must continue to see out opportunities to use positive reinforcement even when you are on your last nerve. Failing to do so tells that student you are giving up on them. It could also give your other students the wrong impression about what kind of teacher you are.

3. Talk About Yourself

One of the easiest ways to start building a relationship with your students is to tell them about yourself. Let them get to know you, so you're not just another boring teacher to them. Inform them about why you wanted to teach in the first place and maybe discuss some of your favorite hobbies during those short moments of downtime that occur in the classroom.

If you want your students to respect you from day one, stay as positive as possible while also never failing to put your foot down when the moment arises. If you are having difficulty getting control of your first classroom, there's no shame in enrolling in a classroom management training course to brush up on some of these skills.

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